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New government guidance released on their website for out of school providers when we are allowed to reopen. While this isn’t entirely specific, hopefully it’s helpful for clubs and coaches to start thinking about how they can get their classes back in a hall/studio.

To reassure, we have a BBTSA registration and disclosures form templates available to all coaches who don’t have their own in place, and a photography permission form and reporting concerns form at the end of our safeguarding policy, this is available on our website under documents for all to see.

Harriet Wigger is the BBTSA safeguarding lead (contactable at safe@bbtsa.co.uk), but every club will also have their own safeguarding officer who will deal first hand with the club’s safeguarding concerns or issues - if you’re unsure who this is within your club, please ask your club leader as this is your first point of call if you have any queries or concerns.

Hopefully, all halls coaches hoping to hire will have the other guidelines in place and instructions for you regarding how to stay covid safe of which as soon as they have the information, they will pass on to their athletes and parents.

Any coaches/club leaders/safeguarding officers that would like help with risk assessments, forms or anything covid 19 related, please know that the technical committee are here to help.

If you’re worried, unsure or concerned, please feel free to ask questions and discuss. This new normal is a learning curve for us all and having each other to help and support will help us feel more confident in the tricky days ahead.