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About Us

In 1971 the British Majorette Association was formed.

The halcyon days of the carnival saw our members entertain in a riotous blaze of colour displaying their abilities in pom poms and the twirling of the baton, Mace and rifles.

             Whilst maintaining recreational programmes we also began the development of grades, competitive programmes,

judges and judging systems and training programmes for coaches

Our development into a sport had begun.

Athletes learn all the techniques, all the events within the Association

but also the need to set goals, to strive, to learn discipline,

to achieve, to handle defeat in a positive manner,

to be a team player as well as to personally achieve.

And so Into the World

 In 1977 the Association came together with Twirling Organisations

from around the world – the venue - London, England.

At this meeting the Organisations formed the World Baton Twirling Association with the view to develop and standardise the sport.

1978 By-laws were passed and International rules were laid down resulting in the 1st World Baton Twirling Championship in 1980 held in the USA. 

Like all types of organisations focus should be to evolve, develop, promote and move forward.


The BMA changed its name finally deciding on

The British Baton Twirling Sports Association

reflecting its chosen path and the sport it had become standing proud

among its fellow organisations from around the globe.

It is a multi-faceted sport

but incorporating so much art form in its requirements yes ...    

a great sport, a great activity.

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